Bigg Boss 13 Finale Real result

Bigg Boss 13 Finale: Friends, I will tell you that how the Bigg Boss is not a reality show, how the winner of that is fixed by the producer who fools and cheats the public.

 Neither I know Asim nor I know Siddharth Shukla, neither of them is my friend nor any enemy, then who among them wins and who loses has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Bigg Boss 13 Finale  If you give a review of my films, then my fight is also there that brothers do not chat to the producer public, my fight is also here that why proteosis cheated the public.

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 So I will try to explain to you how the public was fooled and chit and I will also try to tell you how I managed to tell 20 days in advance how Siddharth Shukla is a fix winner.

Bigg Boss 13 Finale:  Why can’t the public vote win someone else and I will also tell you how I got this script from 20 days to the last day, so let’s talk from the start.

When Bigg Boss started, both Siddharth and Sim were friends and 1 Both of them are friends for more than a month and at the same time, Bigg Boss 13 Finale Shukla also pushed with Paras and also with other members of the house, then Big Boss rules According to him, when Shukla had raped anyone on the first day,

they should have been kicked out of the house on the same day but they were not removed, then I started to panic about what is the reason that Shukla was pushed.

Even after being removed and why Salman Khan is so afraid of Shukla, why Salman Khan is not daring to say anything to Shukla when Salman used to talks to Shukla?

When you talked to someone else, you used to say that you say that you get me out of the process, what you say is that you live and download the boot app, vote on it, download them, voting spends millions of hours.

If it does, then it seems that someone has lost or won by voting for them, but it is not so, but what happens, they spend millions of hours of time on them and let the Lord search Money is earned, Bigg Boss 13 Finale crores of rupees are earned, if the police and the public take crores of rupees, but their vote has no value, no one loses from the vote, then it is cheating.

I will tell you that I just got it like I did Say that I was already having a doubt again, then came a week when Salman showed a video that brother has pushed everyone,

then if you want to remove then take out everyone and father’s Atr Salman Shukla sir scolded well as we do not say something there I became very much doubt that brother wrong there so I did not know was listening name that no Manisha Sharma.

 Then I started researching who Manisha Sharma is and I came to know that Manisha ji is the programming head of Colors and Bigg Boss comes under her and she is very good friend of Shukla with Manisha who 1 man has done, I met him and I asked him, why do you think she is saving Shukla ji,

she is not saving from him, he will make Shukla ji a winner and Manisha Tani is the strong lady Bigg Boss 13 Finale that she will win her job but will not let lose to Shukla as Shukla and Manisha are very good friends, after that,

I made the video and released and I came to know from sources that the video also reached Salman and when This thing became very hot in the market that only Shukla would win, Salman objected to this and Salman said that I am not Shukla, whoever has more It happens that he will win it Manisha ji said that everyone else is far behind.

Bigg Boss 13 Finale everyone else is at that level, there are only two Asim and Siddharth and when it comes to these two, the winner will be Siddharth on this matter He objected and said that whose votes will be won by him, Manisha told Salman that the expenses we give you crores of rupees,

it is your business to do this show. Do not do likewise, it is our business, you do not even interfere, you do not do anything free for us.

we have to give you money, if we have any loss or profit, please do not tell us how we will disseminate our show and our channel. Who will be the winner and who will not be there and Manisha said as a trump card, that in today’s environment I am a Kashmiri Muslim boy, I could not take the risk of winning him.

It is said that if such people come and break the office, Bigg Boss 13 Finale then who will be responsible for it, who is ready to take responsibility for all these things, if anything happens, it will be compensated by deducting your payment, Salman refused to take this responsibility, how can you know If you feel that we are fooling the public by fooling the book, then you are fine not to do the next season.

Salman said that brother is your show. Bigg Boss 13 Finale Your channel is what you want to do, after that you have already seen when the finale was happening, then at the last moment, people were again asked that brother, now you vote, live voting is being done, how millions of people made voting mat.

The result of the show was also shown during the Bigg Boss 13 Finale first 235 live voting and the voting result was shown how many votes should have been sung by how many votes were given to Bhai Ashim and Sh. Stated at the number of votes.

But the result of that voting was not shown, why it was not shown, brother, it means that the winning of that voting.