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Netflix declared next film bulbul on 24 june 2020,which the title is “bulbul”.which is directed by anushka sharma and his brother karnish sharma.

Bulbul full movie story & cast: Bulbul is the story about one lady of Bengali which is like a horror movie.bulbul is a horror movie. which was a typical story of child marriage which was don’t know what about marriage.

bulbul film,bulbul full movie download
bulbul film,bulbul full movie download
bulbul film

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Lyricist and dialogue writer Anvita Dutt is making her debut as a director anushka sharma. Bulbul stars Trupti Dimri and Avinash Tiwari (Laila Majnu), and Rahul Bose (Poorna) in supporting roles with supporting roles for Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Kahaani), and Paoli Dam (Hate Story movie).

Bulbbul Netflix Movie Download :A child bride (main actress ) becomes a strong woman who presides over the house in the village, but surfaces trouble when the men in her village begin to die of supernatural deaths.

Bulbul film Story
Between centuries-old
beliefs and superstitions, Bulbul was described as a “period piece” set in a vibrant atmosphere. Sathya and his brother’s child bride, the Bulbul, were inseparable until they were sent to Landon for their education.

Upon his return, he finds Bulbul has been raped by his brother and now lives in solitude as a reclusive woman who dedicates herself to the welfare of the people.

But his ancestral village is plagued with stories of mysterious deaths and persecution by a woman living in trees. Satya must find out the truth behind Vidya and protect her village from the wretch of evil with ‘inverted feet.

Bulbul Film Cast

know bulbul movie cast :

MovieBulbul movie
ArtistsTripti Dimri (actress) Avinash Tiwary (Satya) Rahul Bose
DirectorAnvita Dutt anushka sharma
Movie TypeHorror | Drama | Thriller
bulbul film

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