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Careers News : Job cuts, ‘no increments’: Read Cognizant CEO’s letter to employees

  • In a letter sent to employees, Cognizant CEO Brian Humphries wrote about job cuts, delays in increments and more under the company’s ‘Fit-for-Growth’ plan.

How 7,000 job cuts at Cognizant are ‘linked’ to Facebook

Careers News Cognizant announced that it’s laying off 7,000 workers and exiting the content moderation business. One of the key client for Cognizant was Facebook

TCS, Wipro, and others on a hiring spree

The Wipro hiring model could be IT companies a competitive edge while cutting subcontracting costs.

Not just cabs service, Uber may soon help you find latest jobs

According to a report by The Next Web, Uber has launched a new service called Uber Works for specific jobs. In a blog post,

Here’s how many applications Amazon got for 30,000 jobs

After Amazon announced that it wanted to hire about 30,000 workers across skill and experience levels, applications flooded. According to a report by CNN

Ola to hire over 100 freshers from B-schools, top engineering colleges

The company will be hiring more than 100 software developers, research engineers, business analysts, and product developers to its team.

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