coronavirus These 5 symptoms can cause corona virus

The coronavirus has caused a furore in the country as well, but prevention is the only solution. So know what precautions to take and what symptoms it may cause.

The health department swung into action after the first suspected case of corona virus from North India in VIP City, Mohali. On Monday, a person from Mohali was referred to PGI Chandigarh as suspected of Corona virus. Where he is undergoing treatment in isolation ward.

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coronavirus,corona virus

Samples of that patient have been sent to Pune, from where it will take three days to get the report.

There have been five suspected cases of corona virus symptoms in Haryana. Of these, two have been found in Gurugram, one in Faridabad, one in Noah and one in Panipat.

This patient is under observation of health department. However, the Health Department has not confirmed the patients suffering from this virus. But the health department has issued an alert regarding this virus.

What are the symptoms

Symptoms of corona virus are similar to swine flu. As a result of this infection, problems like runny nose, fever, cold, shortness of breath, severe headache, pneumonia, bronchitis and sore throat arise.

coronavirus,corona virus
coronavirus,corona virus

Where did the virus start spreading

The virus first began to spread from Wuhan, China. After this, patients suffering from this are also found in Thailand, Singapore, Japan. Recently in England, there has been information about a family in the grip of this virus.

Pets can be infected with the corona virus

Pets can become infected with the corona virus. According to a 2011 study, cats may have infectious peritonitis. A pantropic canine corona virus can infect cats and dogs.

Take necessary precautions

Clean your hands with soap or water or alcohol hand rub. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow while coughing or sneezing.

Avoid making close contact with people who have cold or flu-like symptoms. Cook meats and eggs well before eating. Do not make insecure contact with wild and farm animals. Do not go to a crowded place, especially stay away from the person who has traveled from China.

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating. Avoid traveling in countries or places where the disease has spread. Avoid touching anything or shaking hands in public places, public transport equipment.

After the dreaded corona viral China has begun to spread its Coronavirus legs to other countries. Every country is cautious about this. At the same time, advisory has been issued in Chandigarh regarding the deadly corona virus spread in Wuhan province of China. The UT administration issued guidelines to avoid this,

specifically asking hotel operators to be cautious. Let us know in the advisory issued about its symptoms and rescue, hotel operators have been warned about tourists coming from China, Thailand and Japan. They have been asked to keep a complete record of people coming from those places.

On the other hand, upon seeing any symptoms of corona virus in any tourist or public, the UT Administration and Health Department have been asked to inform it immediately.

It has also directed to prepare government and private hospitals for rescue. Passengers coming from outside at Chandigarh International Airport, especially from China flights Coronavirus, have been asked to keep a close watch. At the same time, the person who went to China a few days ago or is in contact with the person who came from there. It has also been instructed to keep an eye on him.

Symptoms of corona virus infection

The corona virus causes a mild infection in the respiratory tract, as commonly seen in the common cold. Although the symptoms of this disease are very common and no person is suffering from corona flue, then such symptoms can be seen in it. Coronavirus So there is no need to fear based on the symptoms. Still keep this in mind.

Symptoms of this virus

coronavirus,corona virus

running nose

Severe headache

Cough and phlegm

Sore throat, fever

Feeling tired and nauseous, pneumonia,


Shortness of breath

Stop the corona virus from spreading like this

Sick patients should be taken care of properly.

If symptoms of respiratory disease are seen in someone, stay away from them.

Avoid traveling in countries or places where the disease has spread.

Wash hands thoroughly and take full care of hands cleaning.

Keep your mouth and nose covered well while coughing or sneezing.

Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth repeatedly with your hands and fingers.

Avoid touching anything or shaking hands in public places, public transport equipment.