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data entry jobs from home 2020

Are you looking for a Job online to work at home or data entry jobs

Work at your Part time / Full time and earn money from Online Jobs, Data entry jobs, Form filling jobs.

Work from your PC, Laptop or Mobile.

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data entry jobs from home

Job Description:

We will be providing you data entry from home contents which targets our client websites. You Job is to post those contents on the data entry from home project site. You will be paid up to Rs.5/- for each and every valid content posted. Work at your own time. Data posting tools and list of posting websites will also be available in the member area. You don’t need a website or prior experience to Join. Log in to your account, Copy the text from the tools section, paste it in the data entry website and your data will be posted in minutes. Along with your data entry jobs from home earnings, you will also receive incentives for visitors + Registrations.

Earn from Online Tasks:

Apart from your Data entry earning, you can also earn by doing tasks. You will be paid from Rs.1 to Rs.500 for completing daily tasks in our site. Just Login to our site daily, choose the task that you like to do, finish them and get paid.

Best data entry jobs in india

Data entry simply means entering the given information into the electronic formats by using data processing programs such as MS word, Notepad or even in the online forms. So the people who do data entry jobs are called Data Entry Operators.
So to be successful as a data entry operator you should have a good typing speed. For this kind of typing job your speed is measured in the number of words that you type in a minute.

data entry jobs from home
data entry jobs from home

Types of data entry jobs

There are various types of typing jobs that come under the category of data entry jobs such as captcha typing, simple typing and form filling etc. Here are most popular data entry job types:

  1. Plain/simple typing work

This is the most basic job in which you have to type given data in MS word or a notepad. It is the easiest work and anyone can do that. But in order to make decent income you need to maintain typing speed of around 30-40 WPM (words per minute).

  1. Form filling work

In this job you will have to fill the provided data into online forms. You need to have concentration on work as you are required to fill correct details into the forms.

  1. Captcha Solving work

This is also a typing job where you are asked to type the text shown in captcha images. You need to enter correct text as you see in those images.

  1. Audio to Text jobs

In this job you will be provided some audio files and you have to listen them carefully and transcribe them into proper format.

  1. Medical Transcription

This is one of the highest paying jobs. In this job you will have to type the provided medical data into the data processing system. This is a bit complicated as you will get to write medical words that you may not be aware with.

All these are some most popular data entry jobs that you can try to make income from home.

Best websites to get Online Data Entry Jobs

We have collected the best sources that provide online data entry jobs. Let’s get started!

Best websites to get Online Data Entry Jobs

We have collected the best sources that provide online data entry jobs. Let’s get started!

It is one of the most renowned websites that offer genuine captcha solving jobs. They pay for every 1000 solved captchas and minimum payout is $3. Also they have very strong referral program too that helps you make more money.

Amazon mTurk

Amazon MTurk is a micro job site that offer various kinds of tiny jobs that could be completed in very less time. They also offer online typing jobs including data entry, form filling, captcha solving and many more!

Online Micro job sites

There are a lot of micro job sites like mTurk that offer data entry jobs. The best ones are:





You can try any or all of these sites to get data entry work without any investment.

Table of Contents

Freelancing sites :

Nowadays everyone wants to work as freelancer as there is a lot more freedom to work as freelancer. This is by far the best method if you are interested to make career in data entry or any other field. Here are some popular freelancing sites that you can try out:

Try these sites and work on regular basis. You would surely start making decent income!


  • Basic Internet Knowledge is enough.
  • Work from home at your own spare time.
  • No Minimum data postings per day.
  • Post up to 1000 data entries per day.
  • Earn extra from easy Online Tasks.
  • Check your A/C balance and Stats in the Member’s area Instantly.
  • Get Paid Weekly by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money order or Paytm.
  • Update your Profile and Payment Options at anytime.

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When can I receive the payment?
You can withdraw your earnings once a day as soon as your account balance reaches Rs.3000/-.

How will I be receiving the payments?
You can withdraw your payments by Bank transfer, Cheque, Money Order, or Paytm.

Do I need to generate a sale or visitor to get paid?
No, Even if your ads don’t make a sale or generate a visitor, you will still be paid for the ads posted.

Are Online Tasks different from Data Entry work?
Yes, Online tasks are different from Data entry work, you can do both jobs on our website.

What type of Online tasks will be given to me?
You will get tasks like writing, reading, answering a simple question, filling forms..etc

How long does it take to finish a task?
Most of the tasks can be completed with 1 to 2 minutes, some tasks can take up to 5 minutes.

How many tasks will I get per day?
There is no such limit, list of tasks will be available in the member area, you can choose any no. of tasks that you prefer, complete them, and get paid.

My friend is interested to join, can I refer him? Do I get any benefit from that?
Yes, you can refer any no. of friends to join our site, you will be paid Rs.200/- for every friend whom you refer us + you will be paid up to Rs.3 for every data entry work done by them.

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