How can I get a government job in India?

Getting a government job in India is completely in your own hands. If you are fully determined and honest with your efforts then no one can stop you from getting your dream government job.

First thing is to find your interest. The govt jobs in India are available in different industries and sectors. So, It is your responsibility first to decide for which Industry you want to enter. My suggestion is to stick with two or three kinds of jobs.

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Being more focuses increases chances of success: Say, for example, if you are preparing for banking jobs, pay full attention to this particular domain. Try to be more focused. You will get yourself lost in the middle if you try to concentrate on so many areas.

There are some government sectors where recruitments are done in bulk. You should try for such kinds of govt jobs. Because it increases your chances.

Competition is one major hurdle that comes in the way to get an Indian government job. So, better is to try for a particular state government job because the competition in a state level job is little less as compared to India level job.

Moreover, nothing is impossible if you are determined, so stay focused, prepare well and see your dreams coming true.

HelpfulSimple Tips for Getting a Government Job – Wise Step fastest and easiest ways to crack any Govt Job

Well Preparation strategy Tips for Government Jobs after Graduation

Learn how to get a Government job easily !

There is no alternative for hard work and consistency for preparation and so aspirants should follow the same. Also they should focus on practice regularly.

For future aspirants, here we are giving some suggestions and views made by Experienced Experts

Are coaching centers a necessity ?

Coaching Classes have become as important and necessary as schools these days. A coaching center or class must always be considered as an additional tool / support that can help you in performing better in your regular studies or competitive exams. ( add minimum 25-30% more marks )

To crack the Indian Central & State Government Jobs examination, it is must to have a proper guidance and techniques to solve questions. With the help of guidance from Best Coaching Centres’ Classes, one can prepare for Competitive examination for Government Job in a much better and faster way.

Aspirant / Candidate should keep one thing in mind that there is a big competition in Government Job exam; hence success can only be achieved if study plan has to be systematic and effective. Students can achieve that through good Coaching Centres. Go through in the following sections below :

Competitive Exam Classes for Government Job / Best Institutes & Training Providers

For Central & State Government Jobs

  1. Naukri jobsindeed
  2. Power of careers
  3. Government jobs ini

All the above Institutes Are Best But According To Your Location You May Join.

Q. How much time do you think one requires for serious preparations for this examination?

A. One to one and a half years.

This is quite subjective, but a serious preparation of one to one and a half years is enough to complete the syllabus of this exam.

– Honoured with CSR Gold Medal and Trophy

Saurnya Pandey – Saumya Pandey, lAS Topper 2016-17 (4th Rank)

Once there was a competition among ten persons. One person defeated all the other nine persons. When he was declared successful, he went to all the nine persons and expressed his gratitude to them. He said, “If you were not there, I could never be successful. My success has been possible only because of your existence”. It has rightly been said that you should first know the darkness, then only you will be able to know the importance of light. Sometimes, it is good to know the ‘bad’. It helps to realise the ‘good’.

Obviously only those are going to be selected who get the cut-off marks decided for the selection. If some has not reached the cut-off marks, he should not feel sorry for it, because ultimately, this is a competition.

Everybody makes mistakes, but one who makes lesser mistakes get more marks than others who make more mistakes. Again, this is the game of ‘mistakes’ and ‘adversities’. You have to try and try again and eliminate your mistakes; find the effective solution to solve your adversities and then a day would come when you would achieve success.

My advice to all the aspirants is that they should give their best & devote a lot of time to preparation. This is the first requirement for every aspirant to succeed . Start without any delay and join a Coaching Institute of repute for guidance and keep yourself informed about exams. All this together will help you succeed for sure.

All the great people like Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Vivekanand, Nepolean-had to face great, uphill challenges in getting their desired goal, then only they could succeed. Nobody can stop a person in getting success, who keeps on attempting with his full vigour and best of his/her abilities.

GOVT . job a dream for the all middle class to lower class indian these days…now how can i get a govt job in india….options are

  1. Banking industry (clerck /po/so)
  2. Insurance comany manager
  3. Ssc (ldc/udc)
  4. Teacher in primary school/higher secondary (graduation)
  5. Maharatna, navratna , ratna , miniratna companies recruitment ( , company secretary, iti)
  6. Railway (, iti, )
  7. C.a/icwa/cs
  8. MBA from top 20 b-school in india


For banking , ssc , insurance , railway and ratna company you have to simply command on your 10 level math( arthematics, p/l, mensuration , problem on ages , height & distance , alzebra , p&c) , reasoning ( sitting arrengement , input/output, coding -decoding, odd one out, direction sense, blood relation)

English (go through the articles in news paper and collect word, sentence arrengement , fill in the blank with suitable words , comprehension ,anto-syno)

Computer knowledge ( short cut key, generation of computer, super computer, inventor of different commands, )

GK ( award & honour , merger & acqusition , people discharge , people appointed , book released, game & sports , name of different trophy and their related game, )

For .CA you will have to crack cpt(common profiency test) in cs you can directly registered

For mba entrance, above maths , reasoning ,computer ,gk as well as anlytical skills are needed like – case base problem solving should be there.