ips officer full form 2020

ips officer full form : How to become an IPS officer
Know how to become an IPS and its complete information and eligibility, age limit, syllabus, exam details and preparation, etc.

ips officer full form
ips officer full form

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Service) are considered the most prestigious of all government jobs and it is said that both are very difficult to pass in the exam. One of the things we will talk about is IPS (Indian Police Service).

IPS was established in 1948. By examining this, you become a police officer. Its examinations are a part of the Civil Services Examination. You must have heard the name of Kiran Bedi, who is the first female IPS officer.

List of topics

  • Eligibility to become an IPS officer
  • IPS Ke Liye Educational Qualification in Hindi
  • Nationality to become an IPS
  • IPS Ke Liye Age Limit
  • IPS Physical Ability
  • ips officer full form

Complete information about how to become an IPS officer

  • Passed tenth grade.
  • Class XII passed.
  • Complete graduation.
  • Apply for UPSC exam.
  • Pass the Preliminary Examination.
  • Clear the main exam.
  • Clear personal interview.
  • Complete training training.

Read the complete information of IPS Kaise Bane in Hindi like eligibility, age limit, subject, syllabus, exam details, salary, Kaise Taiyari Kare and much more. Firstly IPS officer eligibility is known.

Eligibility to become an IPS officer

There are certain eligibility criteria for every exam and post. So there are also eligibility criteria to become an IPS. What should be the qualification to become an IPS? Read on to find out.

IPS Ke Liye Educational Qualification in Hindi

You must have graduated from a recognized university. Graduates are required to have 45% marks for IPS.

Nationality to become an IPS
To become an IPS officer, Ips Officer Full Form 2020 you must be an Indian. Apart from this, if you are Nepali or Bhutanese, you can also take the IPS exam.

IPS Ke Liye Age Limit

The age limit for becoming an IPS officer is minimum 21 years and maximum 32 years.

  • Category Age Limit Attempts
  • General 21-32 Year 6 Efforts
  • OBC hostel year (+3 years relief) 9 attempts
  • SC / ST 21-37 years (5 years of relief) no limit
  • IPS Physical Ability
  • IPS physical requirements are as follows.

Height – What is the length required to become an IPS? To become an IPS, men must be at least 165 cm (5 ft 5 in) and women 150 cm (4 ft 12 in).

Chest – For IPS, the chest of male candidates should be at least 84 cm and for female candidates the chest should be 79 cm.
Eye sight – Healthy eye sight should be 7/4 or 8/4 and weak eye sight should be 6/12 or 8/8. Binocular vision is essential. The distal number on the eye should not be more than -4.00D and the nearest number should not exceed + 4.00D.

Complete information about how to become an IPS officer

To become an Indian Police Service, you have to take an exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). This is a competitive exam. More than 8 lakh participants apply for this examination every year. And out of that only 400 to 60000 students are selected and they become IPS.

Now for your simplicity, we have given a detailed phased complete guide to becoming an IPS officer. Read it and follow to create IPS –

Passed tenth grade.
If you have passed tenth standard, then you would think what to do to become an IPS officer after 10th? After tenth, you can continue your further studies by taking any fluency in science, commerce and arts and try to get good marks in every exam. At the same time, you continued to participate in activities in your school such as debate competition, discussion, quiz etc.

Class XII passed.
You would definitely think that how many marks in 12th is required to become an IPS? Your twelfth marks do not matter for the IPS exam. After twelfth you should do any graduate degree. And together you should know every activity of your country and the world. And improve your communication skills.

Complete graduation.
If you have questions on which subject to become an IPS, then you can take any subject for IPS. Complete a bachelor’s degree in that subject. And that degree should be done in a subject that you like and find it easy. So that you can take the same subjects mainly for UPSC exam.

Apply for UPSC exam.
Now apply for UPSC exam from online website. Like we told you that IPS exam is conducted by UPSC. In the form of UPSC exam i.e. IPS exam pattern, this exam and the entire selection process is divided into few parts. You have to give preliminary examination, main examination and personal interview.

Pass the Preliminary Examination.
These are preliminary examinations which are conducted between June to August. In this all the questions are objective, that is, there are 4 options to answer each question. It consists of 2 papers which are of 200 marks. So this is a total examination of 400 marks.

Clear the main exam.

These examinations are conducted during November and December. There are 9 papers in this exam. In which 7 papers are of merit and 2 are of language. It consists of 2 types of questions, objective as well as type of essay. Only after clearing this exam you become eligible for interview.

Clear personal interview.

There are 275 marks in this interview. It lasts for about half an hour to 45 minutes. It tests your confidence, your ability to present yourself, your thoughts, personality, attitude, etc.

Complete training training.

Only after approving these three, you are considered eligible for IPS training. IPS Ka Course Kitne Saal Ka Hota Hai? The course is 3 years of training. After those three years you are given a position and you take the IPS oath.

This was information in Hindi about IPS officer Kaise Bante Hain and IPS selection process.

IPS Ki Tayari Kaise Kare

After knowing IPS officer Kaise Bane Hindi Mein, you will definitely be eager to prepare for it and would like to know how to prepare for IPS? So let’s see IPS Syllabus in Hindi and IPS Ki Taiyari Ke Liye Subject

IPS exam syllabus

  • Preliminary Exam Paper-1 (General Studies) Preliminary Exam Paper-2 (CSAT General Studies)
  • Understanding of current country and foreign events
  • History of Indian National Movement Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Indian and World Geography Logical and Analytical Skills
  • Economic and social development General mental ability
  • Politics and Governance Decision power and problem solving ability
  • Current Environmental Activities General Mathematics (up to class X)

Ips Officer Full Form 2020 The IPS Mains exam consists of 2 language papers out of 9, one in your chosen language and the other in English and both are of 300 marks. The remaining 7 papers are for general studies, of which the last two papers are for your chosen core subject. Essay writing is important in this exam. In addition, the topics for IPS are:

  • Indian culture
  • foreign Relations
  • Biodiversity
  • Social issues
  • Technology
  • Security
  • Constitution
  • World history
  • Indian Economy
  • Climate change

Keeping in mind this IPS syllabus, you have to prepare. After that, you should read the entire syllabus from class VI to X, read the dailies, watch the news, practice writing and have faith in yourself.

Some of the main books for the preparation of IPS are –

  • Indian Politics by Laxmikant
  • ips officer full form
  • Geography of India by Majid Hussain
  • General Studies based on NCERT Syllabus
  • A Brief History of Modern India by Spectrum
  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

It is good if you can refer to all the books of NCERT. Today you can also watch online videos with books for IPS.

They were required to become an IPS officer. Now know the salary of IPS officer.

IPS officer salary

An IPS Ki Salary is according to his rank.

IPS Post Mop

  • Deputy Superintendent of Police Rs 56,100
  • Additional Superintendent of Police Rs 67,700
  • Senior Superintendent of Police 78,800 Rupees
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police Rs. 1,31,100
  • Inspector General of Police Rs 1,44,200
  • Additional Director General of Police Rs 2,05,400
  • Director General of Police Rs 2,25,000

The conclusion

You must have found it very difficult to know IPS officer Banne Ka Tarika in Hindi. But if it was easy, everyone would have done it. So if you have determination and a sense of service for the country and society, it will be easy for you for many years.

Join an institute for IPS exam and give up your life. To become an IPS officer, you have learned important things on this page – IPS Banne Ke Liye Kya Kare, IPS Ke Liye Konsi Degree Chahiye, IPS Officer Exam Eligibility and IPS Officer Exam Details in Hindi.

We hope that this article has encouraged you to become an IPS. If you have any confusion then you can tell us by commenting.