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Jamaica’s Tony Ann Singh has managed to win the Miss World Beauty Pageant 2019 title held in London, while India’s Suman Rao has secured the third position. Ophely Mezino of France and Suman Rao of India have been the first and second runners up in this beauty pageant. Tony N. Singh was crowned on stage by Miss World 2019 Vanessa Ponce of Mexico.

Suman had won the Miss India 2019 title in June.

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Tony N Singh loves singing, blogging and wants to become a doctor in the future. She has served as the President of Caribbean Students Association while Suman Rao of Rajasthan is 20 years old and won the Miss India 2019 title in June. She wants to become an actor and for the last few months she was busy in modeling assignments and studies.

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In a conversation with IANS, she said that she would like to talk about gender equality in her community. Along with this, she wants to raise this issue at the global level as well. Let us know that five contestants took part in the final question-and-answer round of this event. British broadcaster Piers Morgan appeared as the head judge at this event and asked questions from the finalists.

After her Miss India win, Suman, during an interview, had said that she intends to begin a discussion on gender equality among her community and in the global circuit as well.

“I want to be the voice of gender equality. I come from a community where girls go through quite a lot due to inequality, and that also regarding some of the very basic choices. I want to create awareness among them because freedom is about equal opportunity,” Suman said in June.

Suman Rao is an ardent admirer of Deepika Padukone and aspires to be an actor. She has been busy with modelling assignments and her studies since the past few months.

Miss World 2019 is the 69th edition of this contest and women from 120 countries competed for this competition. The opening ceremony of Miss World 2019 was held in London on 20 November. After participating in several fast track events, 10 finalists were selected for this event. Contestants such as Canada’s Neomi Coleford, Japan’s Malika Serra, England’s Bhasha Mukherjee, New Zealand’s Lucy Brock and America’s Amy Cuvier attended.

In the Miss World 2019 beauty pageant held in London, Jamaica’s Tony Ain Singh won the crown of Miss World but during this time Suman Rao of India was the second runner-up. Suman also excelled in this competition. See here stylish pictures of Suman Rao’s fashion pills. All photos courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/sumanratanrao/

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