Namaste Trump LIVE: US President speech in Ahmedabad

Namaste Trump : Namasthe ,namasthe, India such a great honour expressing my profound gratitude to exceptional leader champion of India and who works night in diverse country and I am proud to call my true friend Prime Minister Modi,

the first lady and I just traveled 8000 miles around the clock to Tellurium message to every citizen across his Nation loves India America respects India and America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people.

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but she gave the United States welcome to our great Prime Minister football stadium in Texas, India welcome at the world’s largest cricket stadium in our Ahmadabad profile pic beautiful Stadium with you not terrorist ATM so beautiful and joint why so many distinguish gas what’s your Nation and all across the world.

$250000 everyday citizens to come out streets in a stunning display of Indian culture in kindness and to the 125 thousand people in this cricket stadium today thank you for The Spectacular welcome dear magnificent country. go to the American people. my family will always remember us this remarkable hospitality remember it forever.

from this time on India is very special place in our hearts.

the wife of Prime Minister Modi underscores the limitless promise. the nation started out father side as a seller, what you will say young man he was captured in this series. everybody loves him I will tell you this is very tough. primary memory is the tremendously successful leader of this West Indian Republic. landslide victory like no other in the largest democratic election ever helped Namaste Trump anywhere on the face of the Year.

Prime Minister Modi you are not just the pride of Gujarat you are living proof with hard work and devotion Indians can accomplish anything anything anything I want.

a moving story of an incredible rise and search assistant ionization Your Nation is doing so well we are very very proud of India.

initialization is a tale of astounding progress America the extraordinary diversity and Abel a strong and noble people.

shop to all of humanity in 70 years India has become an economic giant the largest democracy ever to exist and one of the most amazing Asian anyone the world.

since the turn of the century India’s economy is grown more than 6 times in size in a single jacket India has lifted of 270 million people out of poverty.

Prime Minister Modi time in history every village in India has access to electricity.

320 million people Indian connected to the internet.

construction is more enjoyable over 70 million have souls link of this 70 million more also have access to cook into 600 million people have access to basic sanitation and incredibly 12 Indian citizens are lifted out of extreme poverty every single minute of every single day.

India versus home of the biggest middle class anywhere in the world and within less than 10 years extreme poverty in your country is projected to completely disappear.

change of India is absolutely Incredible India is rice is a prosperous an independent nation is an example to every Nation all over the world and what are the best outstanding achievements about century.

more inspiring because you have done as a democratic country you have done it as a peaceful country you have done it as it tower in country and you have done it as a great free country.

where is all the difference in the world between Asian athletics power conversion interpretation and regression the crisis by setting his people free and future is their dreams and that is India.

this is why in this accomplishment of the last 17 years, weekly on tribal the matter where you go, district the way free styling your confidence in your own people you are trust in around solutions and your respect for the degree every person that makes the united states in India such a natural beautiful enduring friendship.

violin Nations difference is there about the find and propelled by fundamental truth, first class with the wind like and every person is it doubt with quench withdrawal.

as the great religious teacher Swami Vivek come on Whats App. standard reference before every human being and see God in him that moment I am free.

in America and India we know that we are born for higher purpose to reach Howrah fullest potential to Waterford excellence and perfection at the give all glory to God.

power devices, striving to be greater or people always take it to be better and seven Namaste Trump Nations become Driving center. Thomas and civilization, invite to all the world this is the country that produces delete 2000 movies a year from the help of genius and creativity known as Bollywood.

all of the people take great joy in scenes music dance, drama advice Indian problems like DDLJ and show. this is the country where your people children’s cricket players Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli.

which is the country that broke the tallest statue on the face of the earth to honor the names of the stadium the great Indian leader of this sort of. Indian country 100 millions of like candles to celebrate the triumph of good over evil at Diwali.

just days from now Indian Foreign to the streets to celebrate the beautiful festival of Holi.

India is a country that proudly embraces freedom Liberty interpret.

the rule of law and the degree of every human being Your Nation has always been my program the earth as the place where millions and millions of Hindus and Muslims in six and gents Buddhist Christians and Jews worship side by side in harmony.

speak more than 100 languages and come for more than two dozen States you have always stood strong as one great Indian nation.

unity is an inspiration to the world in America we have come to know the Splendor 2012 stupid sleep through the 4 million Indian Americans living in the United States as a wonderful friends colleagues and neighbors they are truly spectacular people.

Indian Americans which every aspect about natural life, hi is the best is the biggest the best iron is of science mats and innovation of Technology like you people are able to see no matter where you go anywhere is this universe really wanted for Indian Americans try spirits. in Gujarat.

American people thank you and thank you all for the contribution to my beloved country.

Americans district the list beautiful ties between two people. trading time in United States are economy is booming like never before our people of prosperity and spirits are soaring there is tremendous love tremendous like I like and love everybody unemployment is hip historical and small business confidence essay and all time record high in the history what country.

Treachery has been completely rebuild it is now stronger than ever before and we are quickly revitalizing alliances and friendships all around the world we have spend to trillion dollars on rebuilding a military it’s the most powerful military anywhere in the world by for.

where is why I am come here to Indian the spirit of vanishing goodwill to spend cherished partnership of incredible power and potential.

just had a pleasure of visiting, Gandhi’s ashram. from here Vahi launch the famous song of March.

and tomorrow in Delhi we will there reach 23 at Raj Ghats in this leader who is all around the world and the first lady I look forward to visit in one of your country’s Most iconic landmarks.

where later today going to see the Majestic Taj Mahal. the Prime Minister kitchen you are important questions about had a deep in the relationship between two pretentious both of us understand that when leaders put the interest of the mountains first week and 48 strong and fair partnerships double the safe and more prosperous just want to shift to km 2 step forward won the US military and you are brave Indian armed forces conducted the first ever air land and sea military exercises between two countries it was suffering to pee hole we called it Tiger triumph.

earthquake in Chennai to prove that the French cooperation the United States look forward to providing India with some of the best and most feared military equipment on the planet we make the greatest weapons ever made.

Miss Rose Rockets chips we make the best and with their living now with India but it includes advanced air defense systems and on and on and aerial vehicles.

please show now tomorrow, powers in the absolute final state of the art military Helicopter and other equipment to the Indian armed forces. I believe that HD Indian Premier the transporter and that’s the way it work in out together we will defend 70 Security at protect a free and open indo-pacific region for children and for many many generations to come.

United states in India also family United inner reserve the defenders distance from the front of radical Islamic terrorism.

adapters tempering under my Administration and list the, on bloodthirsty Killers of Isis in Iraq and in Syria today.

Isis Territory of Kerala, 100% destroyed antimatter known as Baghdadi the founder and leader of Isis is dead.

United States where was Samay clear that wala country will always welcome new comers who Namaste Trump shared values and people of borders will always be close the terrorist or terrorism at to any form of extremism.

why we are taking historic steps to improve screening and very of applications for entry and we are working to ensure that anyone who was the security of citizens is the diet admission and very very big costly price.

every Nation has the right to secure and control borders. the United States and India to working together this chapter 10 and to fight their ideology.

Videsh reasons instructed office administration is work in every positive wire with Pakistan to crackdown on the terrorist organisations and evidence that operate on the Pakistani border.

relationship with package that is the very good one direction we are we getting the Seasons of big progress with package then and we are produced tensions greatest ability in the future of harmony for All the Nations of self.

leadership future I should take on responsibility for solving problems and promoting please throughout this incredible region.

Prime Minister Modi discuss our efforts to expand the economic ties between our two countries we will be making very very major among the biggest ever made trade tales.

we have in the early stages of discussion on incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the United States and I am optimistic that working together the Prime Minister and I can we check fantastic that’s good and even great for both our countries.

image of market for market exports and United States is India’s largest export market. a booming America Sakri India and its rate Nations has increased by more than 40% set me a bad the greatest economy ever in the history of the United States.

prove that the best way to attract jobs and opportunity is to reduce burns on business not out battery is the new interest with other Limited and regulation and access Prime Minister Modi has already made significant before 10 in your country as you very well now the world even more Rapid improvement to Indus business climate under his leadership you want schedule at is doing it can recognize 2 years ago Prime Minister Modi warmly welcome to my dear lottery 12 the Global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad and she is back with us today Hakka cycle thank you think.

where the Lion And The Beat you in this world by Justin Indian women entrepreneurs who helped in the build your Nations teacher they are great and natural actor printers and I just say to the man very very carefully really good.

the united states in India was the working closely together on the future space. you are making impressive strides with your exciting change religion program.

moving along rapidly forehead casual American tourist painting hours based cooperation with Hindi as you push even further Yuva pushing the limits and it’s a great thing including in the Welfare of human space flight.

United states in India friends and what is on its stars at inter space it is truly extraordinary what is Nation has achieved in the span of just one lifetime and what I have done under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi it is absolutely incredible Mr Prime Minister congratulation.

what is nothing compared to India will go into the future and the Prime Minister is playing the foundations for our future like you are the countries can even think this nation is blessed with many Treasures from the sacred banks of the Ganges to the Golden Temple and the Jama Masjid in his home to some of the most cherished cultural heritage anywhere Honours it is also the land of studying waste is understanding Natural wonders from the rocket pics of the Himalayas to the splendid sure Goa.

spelling of deep wisdom in grade ideas best and The aged Apex over to the burden India nation.

was standing before all of you today I know that true restrictive India is not found in its text books is Lion quotes lion sketch the true strength of India is found in.

25000 beating Hearts in the stadium and the millions and millions of people works and what is great friendship and admiration today.

Namaste Trump : in the song in the spirit of the 2221 and securities Nations Independence YouTube version of this great and during the marketing and it is your dreams open this country to a future even greater progress prosperity equality and opportunity for every Namaste Trump status so today I say to every Indian nursing staff Hindu and Muslim and Christian rich and poor young take pride in the recipe of unite for even brighter future and latitude Nations always Stand Together as powerful defenders AP celebrity and the help of a better world for all humanity thank you can Prime Minister memory for your hospitality and take you India for this phenomenon welcome.

processing + India + United States of America we love you will love you in the very much thank you thank you.

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Namaste Trump : US President Donald Trump today said “America will always remain a loyal friend to India” as he addressed a packed stadium in Ahmedabad, hours after landing in Gujarat’s largest city with First Lady Melania Trump and his family. ” Namaste Trump , America loves India,” President Trump said, drawing applause from the over Namaste Trump one-lakh strong crowd.