patwari vacancy 2020 notification

patwari vacancy 2020 notification : Complete information about how Patwari became.
Know how to become Patwari? How to prepare to become a patwari? In this article, information on how to make patwari is given in Hindi.

Every person imagines a government job, but few people get a government job. At present, the competition to get a government job is all around and why not, because a person gets a lot of facilities in a government job.

patwari vacancy 2020 notification
patwari vacancy 2020 notification

Keeping all these things in mind, we have brought to you information about a government job, which is called Patwari’s job.

Now the question will be in your mind that how is this patwari made? Friends Patwari who is called “Lekhpal” in today’s time. It is also called Revenue Officer. The person appointed to this post is appointed in villages, there are one or more villages under Patwari.

List of topics

  • Yogita to become Patwari (Eligibility)
  • Educational Yoga
  • Age of patwari
  • Complete information about how Patwari became
  1. Passed class XII.
  2. Take a computer course.
  3. Prepare for the exam.
  4. Apply to become a Patwari.
  5. Take the position of Patwari.
    How to prepare for patwari
    Patwari Exam Pattern
    Patwari exam syllabus
    What is patwari saying hot
    Patwari ki bharti
    Patwari’s salary kit is hot
  6. patwari vacancy 2020 notification

    That is why we thought that in the present time of unemployment, we will tell you about the government job like Patwari, how to become a Patwari in Hindi and its complete information like eligibility (qualification), age limit, syllabus, syllabus, exam details and procedure, Etc. In this post, we will give you the complete guide to become a patwari.

Yogita to become Patwari (Eligibility)

Educational qualification

Educational qualification to become a Patwari may be different in every state. Some of the major educational qualifications for becoming a Patwari are: –

To become a Patwari, you must have a 12th pass certificate.
To become a Patwari, you must also have a graduate degree.
You should also have 1 year computer diploma from a government recognized institute.

Age of patwari

Now we will tell you what should be the age related limit to become a patwari? The minimum age for becoming a patwari is 18 years and maximum age is 40 years. Let us also tell you that in this, provision for relaxation in age limit for reserved category has been made in various states.

Complete information about how Patwari became

Patwari means ‘Lekhpal’ is an officer of Revenue Department. The state government issues notification for the posts related to Patwari from time to time. The notification has complete information about eligibility, number of posts and subject of examination.

If you want to become a Patwari, then definitely read the steps given below.

  1. Passed class XII.
    To become a Patwari, first you have to pass the twelfth grade. You can choose any discipline in Arts, Commerce or Science and you will have to get a degree in Hation.
  2. Take a computer course.
    To become a Patwari, you must also take a computer course for basic computer knowledge after completing graduation. Computer diploma is required for Patwari, apart from this if you have done BCA, BSc Computer Science, BE then you will not need computer diploma. These qualifications may vary.
  3. Prepare for the exam.
    After these three steps, you will have to prepare for the most important patwari exam. There are a total of 5 subjects papers including Hindi, English in the Patwari Selection Examination.
  4. Apply to become a Patwari.
    After preparing for the Patwari exam, you can apply to become a Patwari. The exam is conducted after applying, the result is declared after the examination takes place.
  5. Take the position of Patwari.
    You are then called for document verification, if your documents are correct, you are provided with an appointment letter. Now after that, you should handle your patwari post well.

If you are preparing for Patwari then it is also important to know what qualification you should have to become a Patwari. You will definitely find the answer to all these questions in our post. Friends, you will definitely succeed if you prepare with the right strategy.

How to prepare for patwari

Before preparing for any exam, you have to take care of many things, it is very important to know two main things among them. Let’s know two main things to prepare for the Patwari exam: –

  • Exam pattern
  • Exam syllabus
  • Patwari Exam Pattern

Friends, now we are going to give you information about the exam pattern. There are a total of 5 subject papers in Hindi, English including the Patwari Selection Exam which are as follows: –

  • Hindi Hindi)
  • English English)
  • Mathematics (Mathematics)
  • Computer

General Knowledge and Current Affairs (General Knowledge and Current Affairs)
Questions of 25-25 marks have been included for the above five subjects. That is, there are a total of 100 optional questions, which you have to solve in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Patwari exam syllabus

If you are preparing for the Patwari exam, then you should also know the syllabus of the Patwari Selection Exam, which we are going to tell you further: –

Questions related to the Hindi subject included in the Hindi-Patwari examination will be asked to find the treaty, time, phrase, verb error, etc.
English – In the English subject of Patwari, questions related to vocabulary, grammar, antonyms, synonyms, idioms and phrases, etc. come up.
Mathematics – For Patwari you should have a good grasp on the mathematics subject, in which questions are asked from decimal, average, ratio, logical idea, number system, time and work etc.

Computer knowledge – Computer subject is very important in Patwari exam, in which you are asked questions related to computer basics, input and output devices, word processing, operating systems, etc.

GK and Current Affairs – This subject is asked in all examinations and for Patwari it includes History, Chemistry, Indian Constitution, Sports, Divas, Current Affairs etc.

So this was some general information related to syllabus and patterns. Keeping this in mind, if you prepare, you will definitely succeed. Now you know this Patwari Course Syllabus and Patwari Exam Pattern in Hindi. Now tell you what is the work of Patwari?

What is patwari saying hot

Patwari is a government official of the revenue department, his work is done in villages. Patwari owns one or more villages and has complete information about the land of those villages. Apart from the revenue and records of the state government, Patwari has many other functions which are being mentioned further: –

The Patwari keeps a record of the entire village land.
It contains complete information about the land sold in the village and the land purchased in the village.
Patwari also helps in getting claims for crop insurance etc.
It serves to remove a land in one’s name and in one’s name.

Patwari informs the government in the event of any disaster benefiting the farmers.

Patwari ki bharti

Patwari is an officer of the state government. Its recruitment is organized by each state government to fill the vacant posts of Patwari. If you want to join Patwari recruitment, first of all you should know online on its official website.

On coming patwari vacancy 2020 notification, you have to apply for it online. After that it will be tested and after some time the result will be announced.

Friends, to become a patwari, a candidate has to take a written test. Earlier, interviews were also conducted in it. The interview has been removed at the present time.

Often this question is in the mind that the percentage of eunuch to be patwari? Let me tell you that to become a Patwari, you have to bring at least 80 marks i.e. 80% marks in 100 marks paper.

Patwari’s salary kit is hot

Friends, if we talk about the salary of Patwari, we told you above that the post of Patwari comes under the state government. The salary for the post of Patwari is Rs. Has been decided from 5,200 / – to Rs. 20,200 / – and many types of allowances are also added to it.

We would also like to tell you that this figure is not fixed, it may vary from state to state. Let us hope that now you have got information about the salary of Patwari.

The conclusion

Friends, at the present time every person is very concerned for himself and his family members. For this reason, every person wants to get a good job, in which salary is also good and they should also get respect in that job. Government job is the best means to bring these two requirements together.

Therefore, today we have provided you complete information about becoming a patwari in Hindi. Which will help you a lot to become a government official.

patwari vacancy 2020 By reading this post you must have understood what will become Patwari and what course you should take to become Patwari. If you liked our article How to become Patwari (Patwari Kaise Bane Hindi Mein) then share it with your friends too and if you also have any questions for us, write in the comment and let us know.