What is Swiggy’s part-time delivery boy salary?

To join a swiggy you have to go to it’s branch for it’s 4–5 hours traning.

Plus you have to deposit 1000–1500 RS for it’s t-shirt and delivery bag. (You will get your 1000 RS back when you quiet your job plus you will get your 500 RS in your first payment.)

The only branch I know is wasai.

If you go there for training you must carry your vehicle’s RC book, bank details and your driving license Xerox copy for proof.

Bank details is required for your payment.

You will get your payment weekly depends on your work. (50+ delivery in 7 days for incentive, which is easy)

If you deliver 50 or more in one week than you can make around 4000–4500 RS in one week.

And long distance food delivery can pay you more.

If delivery is COD (cash on delivery) than you can pay floating cash to swiggy by BHIM UPI or you can keep it, but it will deduct from your payment.

you must have Android phone to use swiggy delivery app.(its not available in iphone/ios).

Which job is better to earn more money as a delivery boy, Swiggy or Zomato?

Zomato is the best….. they get paid high incentives if they complete 20 orders in a day they get incentives of 600rs….per order 30 (minimum)….

Total calculation 30*20(orders)+600 (incentives)=1200rs per day

Other incentives are if they complete 14 orders they get incentives of 300rs extra

Where as swiggy is the worst…

They don’t pay you good amount of incentives if you earn 600rs by oreees they pay 200rs as incentives

Only on late nights after 11 clock they pay you 50rs per order (swiggy)

Where zomato pays 70rs after 11 clock

I prefer every delivery boy to join for zomato

Swiggy and Zomato both has significant market value and delivering food to millions of people with it’s amazing delivery boys.

I am not aware of swiggy’s work Style for delivery boys but I assume they must be working on same phenomenon as Zomato.

You are paid for what you get done…

As a delivery boy, you are given targets to complete for each day:

This target includes:

Login Hours: a minimum of 11 hour login hour is required if you wish to achieve fixed daily payout.

0 Delay: You are not supposed to delay a single order. Some accidental cases are exception. There is penalty for each customer reported delay.

Minimum Delivered Orders: for cities like Delhi Bangalore, Chennai, you get incentive if you complete more than targets.

0 Frauds: a rider should not be involved in any fraudulent activity.

How much delivery boys earn at Zomato?

If you are giving your 100% you can earn up to 60,000 rs.

Average riders make 30k to 35k.

Riders involved in wrong practices and less work make 15k-25k

Payment to delivery boys is made weekly which includes:

Fixed weekly payment

Weekly incentive

Daily Incentive

Festival (if any) incentive

Customer tip

Again, whichever platform you choose just be loyal and keep working hard.

You’ll get more than you work.

Stay updated with daily targets and perks. They have WhatsApp group to update all these information to riders.

We should work only on Sundays and Festival Days.

Timings–12pm to 11:30pm—1hour break

Two shifts–12pm to 4pm—7pm to 11:30pm

You need to take One Hour break in that 3hours.

And you should be logged in for 9 hours which is mandatory.

Payout–₹800 per day for upto 14 orders

Minimum we have to do 6 orders, then only they will give ₹800 per day. After completing 14 orders, per order they will issue an incentive of ₹60 per order.

They won’t give money for Petrol and we should have our own Vehicle. We need to take care of all those things.

For example,

We were told to work for 5days that is December 23,25,30,31 and January 1.

If we work for 5days we will be getting an incentive of ₹2000.

Or If we work for 4days we get ₹1000 as an incentive.

Or If we work for only 3days we get ₹500 as an incentive.

And if you reject any order you will get -50/- for that.

And one more if you get any batch orders you will get an extra ₹20 for that.

Batch Order means delivering two orders after one another.

I had work for 5days, and I received 800*5+2000–100+40(2 batch orders)=₹5940.

I had worked for 5days and I received ₹5940, which sounds good right.

You will get your payouts every Friday.